Green Table

A huge portion of our range of products is being produced by certified factories, which were all handpicked. 

These factories meet up with our high standards and requirements of strict hygiene, quality and sustainability. 

In these factories, our fish is being processed, freezed, packaged and labeled with the registered “Green Table” label.

It’s easy to recognize our products with this label and it gives you a guarantee of a high quality product with a good taste and of a fish that has come from a sustainable source. Therefore we offer it with competitive prices. 

Wholesale & Retail

Within our range of products you can find various species of fish from the Atlantic Ocean and Mediterranean Sea. 

There is a high demand for these species in different food sectors. 

Besides the transportation of our products in between our branches, we also deliver to wholesalers, catering industry, retail and grocery stores. 

Our transporters are reliable and have expertise in their area of work. So your order is in safe hands and you can count on a fast and safe delivery. 

We also offer the opportunity to pick up the order yourself. 

We value all of our clients and think along to create a mutual longterm relationship and are been very flexible to particular wishes.


Mar Seafood has it’s own transportation methods while using it’s own trucks and delivery vans. This way we can ensure our customers of efficient logistics for the transportation and delivery of fish and other seafood. 

Our trucks are been deployed through the whole week from Urk to Casablanca and back. 

One truck transports approximately 21.000 Kg of fish. 

Because of the environmental issues we will never deploy an onloaded truck. 

We export the most Asian and European species of fish from the Netherlands to Morocco. After the arrival, the products are being processed, breaded and packed. 

A big portion of the fish will be transported back to Europe and a part of it stays in Morocco so it could be sold to local grocery stores.


It is of utmost importance to maintain a strict hygiene while processing different kinds of food. This is especially necessary in the fishing industry where additional hygiene rules apply.

In Mar Seafood we take the responsibility very seriously. All of our employees are trained to work hygienically to guarantee a safe consumption of our food. 

To proof that we’re following the hygiene guidelines we’ve been awarded with the necessary certificates (ex. IFS). This states that we meet the requirements to produce and process fish in the right way. 

To make sure the rules are been followed by our employees, we create sporadic audits on the operational level to make sure everything goes by the book.


Our slogan is ‘’the true taste of Nature’’. 

With that being said, it’s mostly self explanatory that the future of the fishing trade and the wellbeing of nature are the number one priorities within our organization. 

The goal of Mar Seafood is to only trade with certified species of fish, which have been produced or captured in a sustainable way. 

We vouch for the outstanding quality of our products but we also believe in the future of a sustainable trade of fish to maintain the balance in the nature. 


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Green Table

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