After the big succes in Morocco, Karim has made a desicion. The time has come for his son, Nabil El Ghamarti, to take over the business.

Nabil took over the company in 2010 to continu the legacy that his father has built and took control over Mar Seafood B.V., a subsidiary of Les Frigorifique Bouzargtoun S.A.R.L..

He gathered a skillful and dedicated team of 14 employees who would put in hard work daily to provide the best service and quality products for our customers. 

All of our fresh products are being transported from Urk to Casablanca where they’re been processed and packaged. After this phase the products are all shipped to Europe to be sold to our customers. 

After the fact that the business was proved to be succesful, the family El Ghamarti opened two new establishments in Paris, France, in the year of 2013 and 2015.

In Taza, Morocco, the Dutch shrimps are being pelled and shipped to our clients across countries.

The service and fast delivery we provide is our promise and to live up to the expectations of our customers, we will deploy more trucks and delivery vans within a short period of time.

Our secret to success is to live up to our promises and deliver the best quality products and services to our clients.

With a keen eye to the future, we have detected a rising demand for our products of fish. Which have us made the decision to add another branch to our company. 

Mar Seafood Processing B.V. in the city of Deurne, Netherlands is in effect. 

The new establishment helps us to extend our production in fish food where we produce our own products of fish. 

Our main focus lies on the following range of fish products:

  • Fish filet
  • Fish burgers
  • Fish fries
  • Fish fingers
  • Fish fantasy
  • breaded calamaris
  • balls of shrimp
  • sardine balls

Services of Mar Seafood Processing B.V.

Our services consist of :

  • Seperately freezing our products
  • Production of various snacks of fish
  • Storage in our freezer of products for 3d parties
  • Packaging of products of fish for 3d parties

Our proposition to you

We guarantee:

  • Certified products
  • Fair prices
  • Best quality
  • Outstanding service and care
  • Expertly advise you on all areas of fish
  • 100% hygiene

Mar Seafood Processing B.V.
Voltstraat 2c, 5753 RL Deurne – Nederland
Phone +31 (0)493 745 490

Mar Seafood

Mar Seafood B.V.

De Riepel 6
8321 MR, Urk
+31 (0) 527-690360

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