Mar Seafood was founded in 2006 and has long been a household name in the international fish trade. In recent years we have become a renowned fish importer and exporter. Mar Seafood is a subsidiary of Green Table. Green Table is located in the city of Casablanca in Morocco. 700 people work daily in the production of fresh and frozen fish at Green Table in Casablanca. The trucks drive twice a week from Green Table in Casablanca to Mar Seafood in The Nethelands.

Mar Seafood offers a wide assortment of visas that are generally directly from stock. Our sardine, anchovy, squid, sea bream, riemvis, mackerel and horse mackerel are the most famous products but our range is much greater. On our website you will find this catalog with pictures and specifications. For more information, please contact us.

 Many of our products are originating specially produced for us. In our selected and controlled factories under strict fish and fish products processed, frozen and packaged under the registered Green Table label. Mar Seafood select a factory on the following points: proven track:

  • Service
  • Quality
  • Durability
  • Price
With this label we are recognizable to all audiences. Green Table guarantees our customers a consistently high quality fish and seafood at a great price. 

transport Mar Seafood has its own transport line. We commute 2 times per week from Urk – Casablanca and back. We have been working together successfully for years with reliable and approved premises and transport companies. We also have own refrigerated trucks. Some customers want the frozen fish or fish prefer to pick with us. This can of course. We guarantee short waiting times for loading your truck, van or freezer container.